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NewsCred provides actionable insights and streamlines processes for content marketers to tell exceptional stories that drive measurable business results.

Proven business outcomes

Repeatable methodology

The NewsCred Methodology is your roadmap for content marketing success. Following it will ensure your program meets your goals.


Define the ultimate business goal for your content marketing.


Drive the right balance of volume and quality of traffic to your site.


Understand which content causes your audience to more deeply engage with your brand.


Tie your audience's behavior to the micro-conversions that matter.


Connect content to revenue.

Content marketing maturity index

Get an unbiased view into how well you’re set up for content marketing success. From taking our assessment, you’ll discover areas of strength and opportunities, and learn actionable next steps for improving your performance. You’ll also be able to benchmark your program against your peers and other industries.

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The maturity curve

The Content Marketing Maturity Curve visually shows your organization’s content marketing readiness. As the score increases and you move up and to the right on the curve, it indicates an increasingly refined approach that’s aligned with achieving business goals through content marketing.

Proven business outcomes

Only NewsCred offers a proprietary methodology that’s proven to help you achieve your content marketing goals – and measure them using the metrics your C-suite wants to see.

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Designed for performance. NewsCred’s Content Marketing Platform provides intelligence at every step of the content production and distribution process to drive the business results you demand. This way, you can focus on what you do best: telling exceptional stories that matter.

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